Museum Kiosk


I did all 3D assets for the project and I animated and rigged the character, aka the bee. Along with this I was in charge of making both betas working making sure everything was ready for them.  Also I made the particle effects to have it look like pollen or a glowing so it would help the kid understand. After that Ness updated and edited it for the final cut. I edited the audio that Ness made so that it was louder so everyone could hear it. Also I edited the code for the game to make the audio work within the game and the swapping of the the honeycombs as you filled them up.

Along with doing the 3D models I 3D printed the base for the controller and then made it look like a honeycomb. I used foam and then hot glue to make the look like honey was around the controller. The kids liked the how it looked and how you could  play with the foam and have sticky honey feel to it.

Group process was that Ness did the concept art for the game I did the 3d models and the prototyping of the game. Making the beta and getting a key functions working in the game. While Ness worked on getting the background nice and then working on audio. Also after getting the feedback she editing the game to fit the feedback and had it  look more cohesive. At this point my job became making sure the audio was good we had a nice look honeycomb and anything Ness sent my way was done, even if that was very little.

We tweaked the look of the game and made the bars look uniform more. Also Ness added last second blue glow dust and a question mark to show were you could get the audio cue from. added more combs and made it easier to fill them up.

The biggest issue that I notice in the final build there was no indiction of where the hive was or if there was one at the start. Also it was for the kids to get what to do with with the button and the glowing things. The good the parents like how it show what adults do with their life. Also the feedback that the information was nice, sweet, and new.

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Visual Instrument

Here is the live performance of my instrument this was shown on November 1st. The song is Heartbeat by Mark Sixma and M6. The visuals were created in max using the jit.noise feature.  As can be seen by this image here, it shows you what is effecting  jit.noise to create the different patterns on the screen.  I messed with zoom and anchor(center point) for both x and  y, slide down(length of old noise), interp(smoothness), theta(rotation) these attributes  of jit.rota change up how jit.noise looks like.  By keep the jit.noise @val at .99 and  then adding the .9 to that it keep the amount of noise at a constant value giving me the amount of noise i wanted to change around. Also by keeping boundmode at 3 it allowed for the creation of the images I want cause it cause how the noise to appear on screen. having everything feed into a matrix feed with a qmetro allowed for the noise to just repeat it self but change at the end of each cycle.

Now let’s look at the controller part of this and how it was set up to work. I used a human interface(hi) which read the my xbox one controller inputs giving me the data I needed to use it. So I routed each input number so like 10, 11, 12, and 13 were one direction of the  d-pad. This idea was repeated for each button or trigger I wanted to use. For the inputs that needed a random number to be generated i used the random  object which outputted a number than which ran into some cases a scale which would convert that number into a different scale of number so I could output only ints but I needed floats numbers so I would output from the random number a number and than that would run into the scale and be converted into a float number that could effect the attributes mention earlier. Not all buttons or tiggers used cause some of the attributes could take the a int or just 1 or 0 was needed. I made preset of the different options so that I could have set pieces for certain parts of the song.

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3D Still Life

here is the final image of my still life.

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Interaction Review 2

1. Super Flight within the American Comic Book Heroes: The Battle of Good vs Evil was an kiosk, which where you stood on a gyro-board that took the direction of  your weight and made character move on screen to collect an object to increase speed to catch the bad guy. It was trying to communicate how riding a hover-board would feel like or how flight would feel. By having you stand on gyro-board.

How the shifting your weight would shift the board you were standing on causing your character to move in that direction. That was the only interaction that could be done. The design was cohesive the bad guy and the guy were model the same, yet the background in the city part felt out of place since the texture on the on building were realistic and cartoony like everything else. You got to see the character move in either direction after you did a physical interaction.  Th is Kiosk was basically a game, a very simple one but still was one you had to collect power-ups to go faster to catch the bad guy.

The board could have been less sensitive to moving your weight around so you could get finer and easy control over the character in game. The buildings could have been cartoony like everything else, and add obstacles that the bad guy throw out to make it harder. It could be more rewarding by making the game harder so when you get the items you feel like it was more important then just handing out the power-ups like candy. Have sound play well the game is play to help you get into it more.

How did the kiosk operate?  How did you interact with it?  What was it intended to communicate?  How did it go about communicating?

2. Ready Set,… within the Fields of Play was an kiosk, in which you and another person sit in two different “cars” and see who had the faster reaction time. The watch as the lights went from red, to yellow, and finally green and than hit the pedal to go who every did that first won. It wanted to show how anticipation is one of the key elements to play. You had to wait or anticipate when the light would turn green and than  hit pedal as fast as you could.

The rate of which the lights change you having to watch them was strong since that is something everyone gets about racing. Also the pedal was tight and felt good when pressed. The cars and the lights felt nice but the video that played after pressing the button felt out of place and was not same design sense as the reason of it.  the fact that you are going against some is the game-like part of this kiosk.

Since there is a wheel on the car use it have it where you got to use to make sure you stay on a straight line or something like that. Have a timer pop up showing who hit the pedal the fastest with actually seconds, this would allow for it to feel more rewarding. Change the video that is with it to something that fits the design of the kiosk more. Also make the sound louder or where anticipation is bigger so the countdown is longer or where you had to do it few times show how that makes it play.

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Substance Painter Work


Here is Mat, I textured him has if he was a rusted out suit of armor with a strong glass visor with bullets shots. the dirt and some of the rust did not show up right so, I have render it out. I learn that substance painter is pretty nice for things that it can do for texturing making objects look nicer than just using arnold. The second video was once I fixed the issues I was having within Arnold.


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Game Feel

preproduction for the game. It will be a 2.5d side scrolling platforming game  set in space. where an astronaut is trying to get to his space ship as the space station explodes up from aliens.

Stills and video of Final Version of ASStro.

I was in charge of running the project I was team lead, which meant I made sure everyone was on board and on the same page. Furthermore I run the discord, build computer, collector of all assets for the game, and was in charge making sure all designs where what we wanted in the game. After that I made  the template for the platforms so it was the same, we had two types a one with windows and one without.  I made five platforms without windows and then five with windows. I was also one who made the ship that you are trying to get too. Finally for assets I texture everything. I was the one who made the whole level for the game, post processing, and made sure everything was working within the game. I was the one who redid the level who edited everything in Unity to work. I found people outside of our major to play and test the game to make sure non gamers could be the game which they could.

Assets That I created for ASStro

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Fantasy House

Here is  a render of a Fantasy house that I made, it is design for a clan of above ground dwarves. That is why there is no windows to give them a sense of being underground still. The idea was to have this on the edge of forest near a mountain since these dwarves were exiled from the mountain.


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