Interaction Review 2

1. Super Flight within the American Comic Book Heroes: The Battle of Good vs Evil was an kiosk, which where you stood on a gyro-board that took the direction of  your weight and made character move on screen to collect an object to increase speed to catch the bad guy. It was trying to communicate how riding a hover-board would feel like or how flight would feel. By having you stand on gyro-board.

How the shifting your weight would shift the board you were standing on causing your character to move in that direction. That was the only interaction that could be done. The design was cohesive the bad guy and the guy were model the same, yet the background in the city part felt out of place since the texture on the on building were realistic and cartoony like everything else. You got to see the character move in either direction after you did a physical interaction.  Th is Kiosk was basically a game, a very simple one but still was one you had to collect power-ups to go faster to catch the bad guy.

The board could have been less sensitive to moving your weight around so you could get finer and easy control over the character in game. The buildings could have been cartoony like everything else, and add obstacles that the bad guy throw out to make it harder. It could be more rewarding by making the game harder so when you get the items you feel like it was more important then just handing out the power-ups like candy. Have sound play well the game is play to help you get into it more.

How did the kiosk operate?  How did you interact with it?  What was it intended to communicate?  How did it go about communicating?

2. Ready Set,… within the Fields of Play was an kiosk, in which you and another person sit in two different “cars” and see who had the faster reaction time. The watch as the lights went from red, to yellow, and finally green and than hit the pedal to go who every did that first won. It wanted to show how anticipation is one of the key elements to play. You had to wait or anticipate when the light would turn green and than  hit pedal as fast as you could.

The rate of which the lights change you having to watch them was strong since that is something everyone gets about racing. Also the pedal was tight and felt good when pressed. The cars and the lights felt nice but the video that played after pressing the button felt out of place and was not same design sense as the reason of it.  the fact that you are going against some is the game-like part of this kiosk.

Since there is a wheel on the car use it have it where you got to use to make sure you stay on a straight line or something like that. Have a timer pop up showing who hit the pedal the fastest with actually seconds, this would allow for it to feel more rewarding. Change the video that is with it to something that fits the design of the kiosk more. Also make the sound louder or where anticipation is bigger so the countdown is longer or where you had to do it few times show how that makes it play.

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Substance Painter Work


Here is Mat, I textured him has if he was a rusted out suit of armor with a strong glass visor with bullets shots. the dirt and some of the rust did not show up right so, I have render it out. I learn that substance painter is pretty nice for things that it can do for texturing making objects look nicer than just using arnold. The second video was once I fixed the issues I was having within Arnold.


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Game Feel

preproduction for the game. It will be a 2.5d side scrolling platforming game  set in space. where an astronaut is trying to get to his space ship as the space station explodes up from aliens.

Stills and video of Final Version of ASStro.

I was in charge of running the project I was team lead, which meant I made sure everyone was on board and on the same page. Furthermore I run the discord, build computer, collector of all assets for the game, and was in charge making sure all designs where what we wanted in the game. After that I made  the template for the platforms so it was the same, we had two types a one with windows and one without.  I made five platforms without windows and then five with windows. I was also one who made the ship that you are trying to get too. Finally for assets I texture everything. I was the one who made the whole level for the game, post processing, and made sure everything was working within the game. I was the one who redid the level who edited everything in Unity to work. I found people outside of our major to play and test the game to make sure non gamers could be the game which they could.

Assets That I created for ASStro

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Fantasy House

Here is  a render of a Fantasy house that I made, it is design for a clan of above ground dwarves. That is why there is no windows to give them a sense of being underground still. The idea was to have this on the edge of forest near a mountain since these dwarves were exiled from the mountain.


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Interaction Review

Game I could play forever: Stellaris

You use a keyboard and look at a computer screen to see if you can buildup a space empire, also reading different lore and events and deciding how to handle the events. You hit different keys on the keyboard in different commands to cause different events to happen or build up a space force, and many others things like click on research or to look at your leaders, ships and so forth.  The timing between clicking with the mouse or with a key can vary. Lets say you are moving you space fleet from one solar system to the next you click on you ships, which instantly, than you click on the next system they start moving instantly again, but them actually reaching the next system takes time around 10 seconds or more depending on tech level. Basically the initially input causing whatever you want to do start instantly, but there is a wait time before it finish which is rewarding. The wait is fun for some reason cause you know at the end you get reward big time for said wait. Simple actions like moving a fleet is that is goes the location. Clicking a option in an event you get reward instantly with resources that you can use within the game. Complex actions like building a fleet with fleet manager takes time but you get reward with big numbers. Also the ship design can be confusing and min/max ships but reading and clicking on weapons is so reward once you build the fleet and just wipe the floor with another empire cause ships are better design. there are no levels or stage per say their are tech levels, that causes the game to get hard if you fall behind other empires. Also if you set the game al to a harder difficulty at the start of the game, or you could turn on al scaling which means as the games on for longer and into mid and end game the Al get smarter and more benefits to make the game harder. The player is lead by gain access to the better tech that allows them fight on the same level as the bad guys. You does this in two ways by researching the tech by clicking the research panel and selecting what you want to get, or by scanning debris from battles which gives you percentage of the tech that was used in that battle.

Game that frustrates me: Fortnite

I use a controller to push different buttons/triggers to cause different commands to happen. If you pull the trigger you shot, build or use melee attack. the buttons do different commands and certain you got hit the buttons in certain order to cause a thing to happen. The timing between the physical action and the effect is tight, you hit it and the effect happen than there is no wait. Unless you use a the double pump shotgun strat than you have want a cooldown before being able to shoot for balance, but it takes you out of the combat and the game in that second. This cause me to be mad and not focus on the game. The building in the game when you have a nice shot lined up and they build just to block you. That takes you out of the game cause you do not get award for have good aim you get nothing. Making you feel like good aim does mean anything in this game. The spread on shotguns is not tight, the drop off for damage is not fun since you feel like you are not doing high damage even at close range. When you pull the trigger and the crosshairs on them at close range, than you get a damage popup for on 7 damage it feels real bad. Cause at close range they do massive damage but they are inconsistent making you feel like your action does matter.  Game increase in difficulty base on the other human players so one game could be hard, while next could be a breeze. This here even cause issues since you never know what to expect and how serious or fun it is going to be. You cannot lead the player through this increase cause you are fighting other humans which is random and cannot be control so the player must learn on the fly.



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Asset and Level Design


The game is called The Climb.

The main idea behind the game is that you can do it the hard way or the easy way. One is by following good morals aka the hard way, or do whatever it takes to get to the end aka the easy way.

Since the game is going to be in first person the main character will only have hands and feet. In contrast the bad guys will be low poly  characters will stand out with a red shirts against the earth tone setting. They will all have bevel edges  to give them some curve to them.




Final Version


—How would you describe the game? What was the development like? What changed based on beta testing?

The game is about “cheating” in the since that you got phase through walls to go through the level. Its a puzzle game in since you have to learn the pattern of the enemies moving around than finding the path through them. The development was I had a grand plan for big game realized that  was to big  and brought it down to one of the levels that I wanted to make. I change how the plan for the map was going to look many times to refine it down. Also change the what type of camera I was going to use. In development I focus a lot on the asset design and the modeling of it, not level design which is way I had to totally redo the  level a few times to get it right.  After the  beta testing I moved the camera to center position behind the player, also I made the map simpler and easier to get through since this is level 1 not level 10. Also I made the broken walls a different color to make more clear where you could break through and where you could not get through. Finally I made it so you can see the goal at the start of the level so know where to go.

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Net Art

Art is something that relates to color and how it can be used to create depth and focus. Also using repetition of key shapes to create to iteration based work is important. This repetition is not only in reusing the shapes, but scaling and rotating them to give them their own properties to them. Also at the same time adding motion to it, to show how all these things works together to create a unique work while it is spinning in a circle. Also allowing the viewer to look at how color and motion can change the depth and the look of a peice. By this I mean giving the viewer a choice be it limited or open one that allow them to pick the color of the work. By giving the viewer the power to choose the color of the piece, it is always changing  from person to person on how the final work looks. Causing the viewer of the work to change the color scheme and how many layers there are at one given time, causes the onlooker to be the one who has final artistic choice not the artist.

So the piece is one shape that has been repeated to make an iterative art piece where the same shape gets smaller and smaller slowly moves up to create this spiral effect. Then it was copied and rotate twice to add layers to it create depth in. To add to this the color and the different choices of color creates different amount of depth in the work. Then it was rotated show how motion adds to depth, space, and form. The shapes and coloring were all done in illustrator. The spiral was made using an effect called transform that allows me to pick how my iterations of the shape I wanted and how they would be placed. After this I simple coded them into html as images that had zero opacity and change to be shown when the color was clicked on based on which layer it was in. I made a toggle so only one color from that layer could be used at a time. Also I made an overall toggle for that layer to off all colors. I had the opacity transition  set on bezier curve for 1s so it had a slow in and slow out with fast in the middle to make the transitions between the colors smooth and clean looking. The motion was created by using a setinterval that started on load so it was rotating initially, but it could be stopped using a clearinterval with a boolean that turned it to false. Then one could restart it by hitting the play button, this reran the setinterval making it true. The boolean was made so you could only hit the play button once and not multiple times to speed up the rotation. I wanted the viewer to still to have a limited amount of influence over the work so I only allowed them to choose from 6 color options for each layer. I wanted the viewer to realize that gradient color creates more space within the piece, while flat colors flatten the piece greatly unless mixed with some gradient colors. I still wanted some control over what the final piece looked like so by limiting the color, there is only 384 options possible for the viewer to get, this way I had some control of what the finished product looked like.


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