Self Reliance Questions

1 Does the idea that Waldo states in the second paragraph still hold true to this day, that no one out there will help you after a certain point? That you as a person have to learned and trusted in the yourself, plus know what you are capable of doing and what you are not able to do.

2 Is Emerson right to say you must follow your own rules and feelings even if they are the wrongs, given by the devil, to become a man that you must fight against people who hide there true nature by doing good? Also is right by saying that you should only help people that belong to you by any means necessary?

3 To become a man in Waldo eyes you must be willing to speak your truth and only your truth, which means speak your mind and act in your way. Also “If you can love me for what I am, we shall be the happier. If you cannot, I will still seek to deserve that you should.” Is Emerson right with his idea of being a man. Also he said we prate self-reliance is that true? Since to become a man you got cast out the popular view and form your own view, society will not like you and treat you differently is that true?

4 He also said that to be misunderstood is to be great like Newton and many other people he listed in the section is that true and if so why or why not? How is it that to be great you got to have ideas that no one understands, but is it because you have self-reliance?

5 “Society never advances. It recedes as fast on one side as it gains on the other.” is this statement true that even as was gain new tech and customs we lose others and devolved to become weaker due machinery?

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