Flip Book

 Otto Messmer is one of the famous early animators with his cartoon show Felix the Cat. To get an idea on his style and the way he animated, one should go watch Felix In Hollywood, Felix the Cat: Switches Witches, Felix Turns the Tide, Felix the Cat: Comicalamities, Felix Comes Back, and many more of his early works. The character design is totally rip right off of Felix, the whole black every where and just white around his mouth and eye. Otto did a lot of wide shots in the early years of his work and then slowly used close up shots more, so the shots are mainly wide shots, because I am just starting off. Felix In Hollywood has a part where Felix uses his tail as a cane, So in mine the bunny ears of Alex turns into an exclamation point. Also in Felix Turns the Tide, Felix has a shock face when reading the newspaper in the beginning of the cartoon. That scene heavily influence what my shocked face turned out to be. The whole carrot things come from a couple of the episodes where sausage comes to live either to help Felix (Felix Turns the Tide) or where Felix tries to eat them(Felix Comes Back). Questions marks and exclamation point were something Otto commonly use in his cartoons, hence why I used them.                                                       

            In the first flip book from the 12th frame to the 39th frame where pretty smooth when it came the question mark and exclamation point getting big and then getting smaller, they grow/shrank at the right rate so they were up there just for the right amount of time. The jump, frame 36 to frame 50, was smooth in motion because it  went up slowly and then stay there for few frames to add some hang time and increased on the way down. Yet it still looked bad in general, because I did not let Alex bend his knees before he jump in the air to make it look more realistic. Also the carrot animation was extremely awful it move to first in the beginning, slowed in the middle and then increase speed in the end, it was not one constant pace. It jump around the frames 20-25 from being at the edge of the paper to being in the middle in just a few slides. To make this motion look better the carrot must go at the same rate throughout the flip book as well as not getting bigger or not being colored in. The character was pretty simple for a reason to make it easy to animate, the only part that was hard to do was his arms and legs because it was easy to change the size of them when moving them around on mistake. The mouth was also hard because how small the area was for it to open and then close, so as the mouth open the had got bigger and bigger. To fix that Alex should start off with a bigger head in the beginning to avoid a change in size. The unclear motion in this scene was the jump for how would he jumped that high without bending his knees at all.

          The shocked face was Alex opening his mouth and letting it get really big, plus how the exclamation point was there and the shocked lines around his head. I felt like the emotion of shocked was easily read off the character. To add to the shock face the hands could start lower and as the carrot gets closer to Alex have Alex block his face with his arm. I wish I could have turned my character like how Otto did with Felix but I could not get the motion to look clean or clear so decide to just scrap it.    

         The second flip book, Alex had the same design as the first one did. The carrot motion was much clearer and smooth throughout the book, unlike the first time it was made. A side effected was I felt like mistakes in Alex where much more noticeable then before because the carrot was not catching your eye anymore.

First book-https://vimeo.com/182697897

Second book- https://vimeo.com/182698252

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