Imaginative Landscape


The goal of the project was to show a basic understanding of how to use masks in Photoshop, while trying to make a landscape. I did this by making a landscape that had three paths that no one know what at the end of them. It was to show that you pick a path and you cannot see what will happen on that path.  The hardness part was to get the shadows of guys and the fading of three paths to look good and right. I feel like I did a pretty good job at getting them to fit in the landscape. Once you pick a path you are stuck with and also  have to deal with not knowing what will happen after you pick one of the choices. The magnet lasso is great tool to make a mask.  Also to get rocks and the guys to fit in I had to use  adjustments layers to tone done the brightness on them to fit into the darker landscape. Here is the image that has been put under a Nik Collection action, it is more vibrant and the road  is more well defined.


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