I am going to abstract part of the song Dragon Pirates by Tut Tut Child. The water that is heard at the start is going to be  shown with blue triangles moving up and down across the bottom, while above it in thin lines moving back and forth to show the rhythmic motion of the song in a red color. Then the quick high pitch bass hit will be in a bright green color that flashes the screen. With that the lines become thicker to show the fact the music is electronic and brighter reds and yellows, more chaotically moving around yet still with rhythm.

Link to The Pirate Dance video: https://vimeo.com/186771611

Abstraction Response

The concept of abstraction that I did was music and how shapes and color can show rhythm and loudness. So I used apart of the song Dragon Pirates by Tut Tut Child. I had to change how I was going show this just little to get it to look better, instead of lines they were boxes that moved around the screen matching the beat of the song. The triangles were still there showing the movements of the water and rhythm motion of the song. Initially all the colors in the piece were dull and darker to match the tone of the song. When the bass drop hit in the song everything changes to brighter more in your face colors to show the fact that the music got louder and more in your face. The song had a constant beat that sped up and slowed down so the movement of the shapes was constant  and changed to match the pace of the song. The video matches the beat and shows the loudness of the song effectively. Even without the music you can tell that it was following a rhythmic beat.

Oskar Fischinger and Walter Ruttmann both worked on this idea with different pieces that they made. Like Ruttmanns Lichtspiel: Opus I, II, III, and  IV or Fischinger’s many Study Numbers like 7 and 8 or his piece called Optical Poem. Optical Poem was the one that had the most influence on the piece with how it was done with cutouts and how the objects moved around  the screen to match the music. Plus at 5:51 to 6:01 in his piece the objects moved down to match the descending  pitch and volume of the song. So I used that idea as the foundation of my piece. Then Ruttmanns’ works influence the background and how  he used simple one color backgrounds that were static added to the piece in a way. In mine I used the background as a way of telling what style of music was playing, classical or dubstep, at 6:12 seconds the bass drop happen so the background color changed from black to an annoying bright yellow green.

I feel like the best spot in the piece is when the song picks up speed  at 4:24-6:14 seconds and the objects keep up with the rhythm in the song and how the color change happens right when the bass drops. Plus how the objects line up before and after the drop for a frame matches how the song just picks back up where if left off. Also at the end starting at 8:22 seconds the song has a building up sound that the objects match and rise up with it to the end.

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