Linear Day Book- The Present

cover middle-section linear-day-book last-section first-section

I used the different lines weight to help show the differences in actual size. Lines were straight and rigid to show I am a person that does not flow from one thing into the next, but person that is sticks to habits. The decreasing in the size of the taco pieces were to show that I am a messy eater. The repetition of the computers are to show that I am a harder worker who wants to make sure I get everything right. The Gestalt principle of proximity was used to group the different elements of computer together as one unit, the mouse, pen, Wacom tablet, and the computer were near each other.  To show that all those elements were used at the same time when I worked at my computer. Since nearly all my objects were rectangles or squares it brings the piece together and unifies it. This helps simplify the artwork and not overwhelm the viewer with shapes causing them to lose focus and not get the meaning I was trying to get across. Another Gestalt principle was use, this time it was continuation where the viewer flowed from one section to the next. With the help of different types of lines that connected each piece together from actual connection at the being and end or the physic lines used in the middle to pull the viewer through each section. The taco shell pieces and the arrows are the physic lines that were used to pull the reader to the next section in the art piece.

This projects relates to digital media program because it show how to develop a meaning and feelings without using text. Also the importance of making sure the your message was clear. The goal was to make it flow from one section (frame) to the next fluently, like one would do in an animation.

I feel like I grew with understanding the art terms. As well as being more capable of controlling my hand when drawing arcs, the taco had as the most straight arc line I had drawn ever. Moreover getting from an idea I have in my head to one that looks good, yet at the same time get my meaning across.

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