Journal week 4 (entry 1 and 2)

Entry one-Golden Ratio

It is a tool that can help make artwork look better. By using the ratio of 1:1.618… in your artwork one can get things that look more appealing. The rule of thirds is a faster way of getting close to the golden ratio but it is not an exact method . Also it’s a good tool to help people to flow through the artwork.  Usually it is found as a larger square and a rectangle in the ratio. like shown here.


To make Golden rectangle draw a square then divide it  in half. Next draw a line from  corner to corner of the halves.  Then rotate that line until it extends outside of the square. Finish off the rectangle.

Visual points of interest are found by drawing the diagonals then locate the the midpoint of each line from center. These points are focal points in the  piece so drawing  around them to helps the piece flow better.

The rectangle is just a tool to find the ratio, once you have it the line inside of it is what important. That is how you divide your artwork into the golden ratio. So let’s say you’re drawing a mountain you would stop it before reaching the top by using the golden ratio to get it to look good. Also it could be used to line up ornaments on a table to get them in the ratio with the table. So that would require two golden ratios.

Fibonacci sequence

1,1,2,3,5,8,13…..This sequence leads you to the golden ratio divide the 2/1 2 3/2 1.67 and so on you get closer to the golden ratio. The spiral is another tool that can be used in art. It’s where you cut a big rectangle in the golden ratio multiple times and then draw this…fibonacci-spiral

Entry 2- The Art of Fallout 4

I drew three sketches of a landscape that I found in the first chapter that look cool and that show the fallout style well. I change up what it looked like and just used their sketch as a guideline to create my own landscape.  This is to show the process of how to make a piece of art over time. The first step is to make sketches and get the feeling of what you want to show and how that will be done. Below is the one from the book and my sketches of that.

fallout-real-housefallout-house-1 fallout-house-2                                                     fallout-house-3

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