Journal Week 5 (entry 1 and 2)

Entry 1-Day 1- Alice Dunseath: Hunting for Hockney

This piece makes me feel very sad and depressed because of how it start off and ends. The fact that her friend mother die so young really hit me and made my understand the piece and why it was drawn the way it was. She uses her voice is a way to get across the subjective feelings she had at the time. Objective her surrealism style of work show that her sense and feelings were in a height state of mind.


Entry 2-Day 2- Simone Doing and Max Puchalsky: Kindred

I was very confused and felt like I was missing the point of the piece. What hit me was how the side of the body changes from  a human to fur like. The objective of the piece was to show how the female body is objectified by the male viewer as a piece of meat. How the body was place and how it slowly faded in and out shows the skill of the artists. Subjective I feel like due to the placement and depressing audio in the piece it got the feeling across effective.

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