Journal Week 6 (entry 1 and 2)

Entry-1 Day 3 and Day 4

Evelin Stermitz: Rooftop Short

It  was  a video that jump from one footage to one that has a female in it in the same area. I was confused and could not find out what she was trying to get across. I know she is feminist from the research I did so I am assuming it means something with that. Objective skills that she used was purposeful making the video jumpy and unstable. As well as making the video in a lower quality then it could be made in. Subjective skills were the music that set the tone and general feeling. Plus how the the female pop in and out of reality.  

Eduardo Yague: The Hero is Light

This video is the first one to hit me truly on a emotional level, for I understood what it was getting at and the story was just sad in general. She was taken by the Soviets, because of her beliefs and what she did, which is totally wrong and immoral thing to do. The video was just there to help show what the narrator was saying. The words and poems he was saying were what was important and meaningful. The techniques used were a mix of poems and video content. Objective skills were having the video in black and white until the light grew and save her, as well as; the actor beginning used as a device to portray what was being said. Subjective skills was what was being said and the tone of the narrator. Plus the music that was playing in the background was once again creating an emotional response.

Entry-2 Day 5 and Day 6

Ellen Wetmore: Grotesque

Grotesque is a confusing jumble of videos combine together to get this other worldly feeling. The photos and moving bugs helps show what grotesque means, yet at the same time is balanced out by the flowers and the videos to, get this unique feeling and combination of  ugliness and beauty at the same time. Objective skills are how the videos are put together on one image to have them play all at once, making you not capable of seeing everything the first time watching it. Plus how even though there was a lot going on she balanced it so the video did not feel chaotic, but had order and meaning.  Subjective skills was how the actress made her face different to get different feelings across. Plus how she walked and dress help lean toward an emotional feeling. What hit me the most was her ability to keep things busy but not chaotic or out of control. The video was not so busy you could not get what was going on.

Roland Quelven: To Measure is to Know

The video started with a quote and that became the theme of the video. The video was strange and very creepy, due to the music and the ghost like images overlaid on top of the video. The technique used here was taking a video and overlaying that video with effects and other images to produce other realities and fragments of reality. What hit me the most was the quote and how the idea of it was show with the scale in the background, that increased as he talk, so making me feel like he know what he was talking about more. Objective skills use was how the idea of using the quote as a gateway into this reality and to help the viewer think about was it going on in the piece. As well as the simple reality in the background that was going on. Subjective skills were the music that was picked for this video differently made the video creepier and stranger without doing anything to it. Plus the ability to overlay objects and ghost like images on top of the video enhance the creepiness as well, and added a sense of is this real or another reality.

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