Illuminated Name

I Designed the outer border to be in golden ratio with the edge of the paper to give the proper distance of empty space around the edge of the paper. Plus the snake itself was also in the golden ratio. The darker background was meant to be in contrast with the letters and the circles in the corners to draw them out of the paper more. Plus this helps show what is important in the art work, not the background but the letters. Another reason the background used dark tones of colors was, because I am a person that is trapped in the darkness and is not seen by others often. To  replicate the Book of Kells I decide to take the idea of repetition of patterns and ideas, this is done with the snake, the celtic knots, the boat, and the circles in the corners. The snake with its gradient created by a image of rocks caused it to feel like it’s moving and alive.


The design process was used greatly in this project. First, I started with a sketch that was a basic outline of the idea that I wanted to do. I showed that to a few people in the class and they give me feedback that I used while making the rough draft of it. I added in some barrels and a fish like suggested to add more things to the water. Once I finished that we had to bring that into the class to show what we had done so far and got more ideas from other people’s work and advice from classmates. I used that to change up how the boat looked and how the snakes looked by adding in more than just one head to it. Then the ink version came to be done and again it was looked at and refined more to have better smoother lines and curves in certain areas to get a better control of the medium down. This was done in Illustrator due to it being faster and easier to fix it. While coloring it I got input from my friends on if it looked good with the colors I picked. After  handing it in for the last time in class we were given one more chance to go back and change up a few more things on it to make it closer to the Book of Kells.



I grew as an artist when doing this project and realized that getting ideas from other people is fine and is part of being a good artist. I was willing to take advice and use that to change up the piece with the barrels and the fish, but I made them my own with how they were designed. Also the multiple snakes were added like that too. This idea is important to the DMA major because once you get a job at a place you must be willing to take criticism, and use what they give you to design and improve your work to fit in with the idea and constraints given to you. I also learned the importance of not settling for the first idea that you come up with. Another important idea here for DMA is learning to keep good file management of your paper so that it is not lost or misplaced and cannot be found again.   



Here is the edited version of the project that I did after the finally critique we had in class.



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