Journal week 7( entry 1 and 2)

 Entry 1 Day 7 Michele Manzini: Snags in Palladio

The technique used here in this video was using different camera angles and choreography to get across the meaning. I felt confused and at the same time wanting to see more of it. Objective skills was how well the choreography and how the scene building in them help clarify what was going on. The subjective skills was how the emotions and the faces of the girls were, how they walked, and their overall stance. What hit me the most about this piece was how it was set up and how it flowed from one scene to the next.


Entry 2 Day 8 Eden Mitsenmacher: Nicky-Roy Chicky and Or Edry

This video had psychedelic feeling to it for me, with the crazy background and how I could not understand what was being said. What hit me and annoyed me the most was how poorly the green screen in the background was done and how I could tell it was done on a green screen. Techniques used was a green screen to capture and develop the background to go with the singing and dancing in the by the people. Subjectives skills was the music for it was the thing that lead me to the psychedelic feeling and the fact the only word I could understand was Nicky is she a person or what. Objective skills was the green screen and  how the singing was in a language that I could not understand.  

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