Journal Week 8 (entry 1 and 2)

Entry 1 Alysse Stepanian: “Syria Planum: For Water for Oil”

What hit me the most is the idea behind it the fact the that the human world is on the brink of destruction due to ourselves. The video tries to show how we feel like we are gods because we can create new life and modified animals. The objective skills is how she clips the videos together to create one seamless video. Also the animation on the half human-cow thing. The subjective skills was what were on the videos on the setting in the background and how that was bleak and made the viewer fear the future. The technique use in the video was making animated character that was placed in  scenes that were 3d model that had videos playing in the open spaces of them. This video was one of the coolest ones to watch.


Entry 2 Andrew Kaufman: Untitled

The video is just about piece of glass the is shattering. What hit me  the most was how everything was breaking apart. That is also the emotion I felt like everything is just not going his way. Subjective skills was the music and  what video was showing. Objective skills were how the video was part together and also how  still images were used as key elements in the video. The technique used here was combing still images with video images to get one video that works together.

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