Journal week 9 (entry 1-2)

img_9991 img_9992

Entry 1

So the goal here was to show how shading can cause the felling of depth and distance.  Due to the lightness of the shading around the base of the paper it look the the paper is  lifted up. Plus since the shadow is not connected to to the paper in some areas in give the idea that of how the light was shinning on the paper.


Entry 2 Day 11 Samuel Blain: In Dreams

What hit me the most was his ability to get the objects and figures to overlay the heads of the people he interviewed. The emotion of aw and this is freaking awesome is what I felt the whole time.  The technique used was object tracking where the the head was tracked then the dream creatures were added over the head and used the object tracking to make it match up. The objective skills here was how realistic the creatures looked and how detail and exact the head tracking was. The subjective skills were how the stories were linked and split up together to create cool suspend fully moments.

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