Journal week 10 ( entry 1 and 2)

Entry 1: Staying Alive: Mary Oliver on How Books Saved Her Life and Why the Passion for Work Is the Greatest Antidote to Pain By  Maria Popova 

The general thing is fine something that will make you happy and forgot your troubles. One way is to work on something that distracted to forgot  about it like a book she did or art, gaming, poems, and etc. So I  usually game or work on class work to forget about issues I have. This usually helps me greatly for some reason and my work turn outs good. Gaming allow me to think about what is going on in my life but at the same time have fun.


Entry 2: May Sarton on Anger as Creativity in Reverse and a Safety Valve Against Madness By Maria Popova

So this one is about how anger and build up tension can be good for one creativity. For it fuels the brain to think outside the box.  Plus allows a person to get through hard times without issue. As long as it is controlled in a smart way while safe valves to release it like work or art. So when I get angry art or my work has become my way of releasing it without going crazy or losing it.


In general this was about how to control your emotions and how those things can be helpful for you when trying to get work done or being focused on a task.

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