The Chair

I used value change in areas that had shadows to help show how much it was in shadow. Plus if a piece of cloth was sticking out farther then another piece to show which piece was closer to the viewer eye. Next I used atmospheric perspective to show the depth of the chair and to get the feeling that there is space in 2D drawing. As you went up the chair the it became lighter  to show flow of the cloth. Yet sections had darker tones to pull it closer to the viewer because of how the cloth folded or was pushed out toward  the viewer. Finally I chose to put the chair in the bottom conner to make it feel like the chair was not floating but being pushed over. I learned how to make accurate and correct proportions due to this project, which will allow me to draw and create things faster and more importantly accurately to the real thing. As well as learning atmospheric perspective which is another tool that can be used on the computer when creating landscapes to show distance in them and to give depth to them. So when creating a digitally created background for an animation, I can give depth to background to add to the animation to make it feel more realistic.

I know at the beginning of this year there was no chance of me drawing something that look this realistic. Now that I have an understanding of atmospheric perspective, I can create something that has depth and space to it. Plus my control over the medium as grown greatly since the start of this semester.  I was able to draw and get the shading that I wanted without getting smudges all over the place. The left side of the chair is the best example of this the conner had so much stuff going on with it and I was able to replicate it pretty closely without smudge it all to one shade of black.


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