Journal Week 11 (Entry 1-2)

Entry 1

The chair project was hard and time consuming. Yet like many things that are hard  rewarding at the end of it because I felt like I over came something that will change my ability to draw as a person. I also learned that art is time consuming process that to get it just right one must take time. Also one must be willing to change the piece of work to make it look better. Never get to comfortable with it. Once that happens you become last likely to change it. That is when you should ask someone what it look like and take the advice they give you and change it for the better. So over all the chair is great project and one that I will do when on winter break to keep my skills up and not lose them.

Entry 2 Raquel Meyers: Fingers of Doom

This one is the coolest of all the 17 days video that I have watched. The reason being is I have a soft spot for old gaming tech and style. This use that heavily even uses a Commodore 64 as the way to animate it text by text. The music brings back that nostalgic feeling so a get use of subjective skills, as well as the art style of the characters does too. Objective skills is what being made on the screen the characters themselves and what happens to them over time. Overall this video is  beautiful to watch over and over.


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