The contrast between the character, the sword, and the blood creates a spot where the viewer is drew to due to the brighter red next to the darker surrounding colors. Also I want negative space to allow the viewer to rest its eye while looking at the animation of it. The flames in the center has a gradient that starts darker then turns lighter, to have the viewer start at the center of the piece on slowly move outward towards the blood and the sword.  The sword and the flames came out really well and is what I have vision it to look like, but the blood did not turn out as nice as a thought it would have. The blood does not drip like I thought it would do. As well I destroy the fur on character when coloring it, ruin the character somewhat.


This project is all about animation and how to make it look good with only 12 frames to do it so. Plus we had to design how we wanted the animation to look like by following the principles of animation. Plus at the same time using color and principles of design and elements to create a piece that is interesting to look as well.  This project combines everything we learn this semester so far.

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