Mask Project

I wanted to design a mask that would give a  sense of being an orc. So I started with a stereotypical look of orcs, which was having a overbite with big teeth showing on the outside. To do this, I first designed the base of the mask so that it would fit to my head, then I designed a jawline that pushed out so that, when looking at it from any angle, the jawline would perspectively look pushed out farther than it is really.

 Same with the teeth, but just only from the front since they are flat and truly not 3D. Next I wanted a contrast from the uniform idea of orcs so I designed the eye region to have only one eye and the nose to be flat. This was to help create a look that spoke of coming back from a battle where he got beat to a pulp. He eye was closed shut and his nose was was smashed inwards to a flat big nose. I tried to get a moveable jaw, however it would ride way to low on the mask and would not look right. I feel like, since we did many projects on proportion, I understood how to create it properly and accurately. So I was able make the jaw bigger, yet, at the same time, keep the look proportionally correct. To me, this project was all about proportions. This project relates to the DMA major because this project was, in a way, an introduction to 3D modeling, which is a big of part animating due to the fact that you have to make the model before you can animate it. Plus it was a good lesson in taking your idea from a concept to reality, and then realizing that your idea is not possible so you must not be afraid to change it something more feasible. I wanted to make beard to go with the mask, but that would weigh it down to much, causing the mask to be pulled down. The laser engraver would work, but caused the beard to look to flat since it would be one piece of paper. So I had to change the concept to something else that would work and look nice still.


The new mask


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