Modularity, Time and Motion

Modular design is where you take a small simple design and then add it to a larger composition multiple times. The sword in my design is modular, for it is a piece that can be put into many projects.

I used two point perspective for my swords to have them project out of the design, giving them the feeling of coming toward the viewer. The same is true with the modular boxes on the bottom as they help with creating a sense of things popping out and coming into the real world.

There is contrast between the dark center and the lighter background that draws the viewer to the center where the giant word “real” is.

The swords also create tension in the work as they break out of the 2 dimensional space of the image. The whole idea is what if video games were real, so having everything popping out is making it feel like it’s coming out of the screen into the real world.


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