Point and Line

The picture is made up of video game cases and other things related to gaming that form my name. Yet it is in the natural world, which is not what you think of when you think of a gamer. It shows I enjoy mixing the two things. My favorite video game is a fantasy game called Skyrim. In that game you can go to the mountains, swamps, snowy areas, flat lands, and many more places.


Points/lines are the building blocks of design and are simple ideas, yet can create complex art, texture, patterns, diagrams. The points in the art are not meant to draw attention just meant to add a feeling of being outside.

Lines exist in many weights and can be curved, straight or broken. Lines also give off a texture based on what type of tool was used. The lines that are representing the wood are thick and curved to show that it is a natural object, while the man-made objects are straighter.

Contrast is how you draw attention to a spot in the artwork, by making oppposing colors or tones next to each other. The two white boxes in the center are the strongest contrast in the artwork, so the viewer will go from there to seeing my full name first.



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