Spatial Translation with Planes

Planes are lines that extend in height and width. Planes are lines that have connected together to form a shape. Planes can sink into a background or be even with it, depends on its angle in the artwork. Like the planes that sink back that form the stairs or the box. To create the 3D feeling planes were used at different angles, like the Xbox or the books. Planes where also used to make the shadows of the objects by copying it and then changing it to black with a lower opacity and with a gaussian blur effect.

Also contrast is used once again to catch the viewers eye with the white paper or black xbox. To repeat what I said before contrast is how you draw attention to a spot in the artwork, by making opposing colors or tones next to each other. The darker shadows on number 3 is an example of how contrast can form different tones of lightness and darkness.

Repetition of the books and video game cases could have gotten boring, but I changed the angles they were placed at giving them different looks, causing the viewer to have look at it once again to see whats new. Repetition creates staleness in the artwork, yet if you have similar objects with differences in them, the art work becomes more dynamic and flows better.

Dominance draws the viewer to certain sections of the art work, how the orientation of the objects or lines are. The Xbox One is the biggest and controls all 6 pieces of work.


I took these pictures mainly from my dorm room, to capture the simpleness and sleekness of my gaming system area. Well also capturing the depth and and size of the it. I enjoy being in my dorm room, because I can escape reality and not worry about my issues. The photos of the art room and the stairs are there to show that I cannot escape my reality for to long or work will pile up.

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