Illustrated Journal S2 Week 1

Above are  four images, three of which are pictures of my hands spelling out my initials in sign language, and the last one is the drawing of my  initials with the use of a micron pen. The photos I took were use as a reference for me, while I was drawing each letter. Once I got the form down for each letter, I start to add detail to the hands. Making use of hatching and cross hatching to help with  showing certain fingers to be in shadow pushing them back, which help give depth to the drawing allowing the viewer to identify each finger. The middle one I feel like captures the position of hand the best with how I use lines to help show that pressure was being applied to my skin causing it to be pushed down.



Drawing Human Proportions


These four images here are my effort  to draw human proportions properly with using stick figures. overall I remember most of what was said in the video there was only one thing that I got stuck on that was forgetting to add v for the collar bone each time. I would start to draw the chest and I would realize this does not look right and then go back and fix it. By the last time I remember to add in the collar bone and felt like give the pose some life to it with his legs bent outwards.


This is Colossal Whimsical Storybook beasts and Birds Illustrated by Vorja Sanchez


These three images caught my eye out of all his paintings, because how the creatures are interacting with the humans. The two girls both look sad and are using these animals like pets, which get me to thinking are they and who were these people since he drawings from things he see in the forest. Why were they sad  or not feeling well. Also are the animals not happy due the red color and aura around  most of all three creatures. It gives me a since of uneasiness that intrigues me took look closer and think about what he is trying to get across. The more I look at them the more, I get the feeling of a pets being hug and handle by humans even when the pet clearly does not want to be touch. Let the humans have total control over the animal so they have to concede to the human. This all comes from using one color that is contrast with the  humans, who are plain and white and black.  Also the  the form of the human being all in compassing the animal help with aura of angry from the pets. Yet some of them are happy somewhat due to not  being fully red having some green and blues in it.


blind  drawing/ wire model





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