Illustrated Journal S2 Week 2

Caricature is when an artist exaggerated a striking feature, to help aid in getting a comic or grotesque effect on the person they are drawing.  For example the mad magazine copy has large checks to help aid with the comic effect. Obama is a great example he is often given bigger ears and longer chin since those are his most striking features. This allows for some funny drawings of him with elephant ears. Even with the exaggeration it is always easy to tell who the intend person was meant to be. For my Caricature  give me self  a longer forehead and a more pronounced chin, since I have large forehead and a big chin. My self portrait is  fourth one on the order, it uses even weight line and minimum lines to get a picture of my self.




Muybridge people figure drawing practice:


What I want to learn

I want  to be able to draw a human correctly so that I can modify it to fit my needs in 3D modeling unique characters. Learn how to use proportions right with the human. I want to be 3D modeler for characters in games or 3D animator for characters in games. So if I know how a human works and how to draw one right, I can then change how the  thing looks, but yet still have it proportionally correct.  I also want to be able to drew myself realistic as possible, that would just be a added bonus. I want to picked up own style of drawing in general. Finally I want to be able bring all things I learn in this class over to Maya were the human is 3D, and still have it be looking right and function properly.



A silhouette is a black or dark color shape or outline of something or a person/ animal with the background being in a lighter color or dim light. This allows for less detail in the character or object, but allow for the form of it to more precise and often in more dynamic pose. Also for animating its good to make a silhouette of a character to make sure that the motion that is trying to be show is clear even without color or shading to show depth. So this way most motion with a character is away from the center of the body so it is always clear. Great example of this is in the show Madoka Magika when a character called Elsa Maria goes into a fight scene where she and the other characters are only silhouettes. In this all the motion is done away from the body to help make whats going on clear. Also what helps here is the fact that each character is every  distinct so you can who is who even without color. This idea is used in even in gaming to this day to help make sure animations are clear to the player without color or with color and also to make sure enemy types can be clearly discern from each other from a distance where colors tend to blur together. This video here, Revealing The Kett, Mass Effect Andromeda’s New Race, shows why they use silhouettes when making enemy types.

Kara Walker is a silhouette artist that when she make her silhouettes they are in dynamic poses to show them off and often with more then one in the image. So with these poses each individual can be clear seen and thing they are doing is clear. Next James Prosek and George Seurat  draw their silhouettes in non-dynamic poses, but what the subject is doing is still clear. This because with George Seurat, he uses backlighting to help with the clarify the edge of the form. Also his silhouettes are not fully black he uses very minimal shading to help with what the character is doing. While James Prosek mainly draws animals and many of them in on image, but each animal has a lot of negative space between  each other so it is not overlapping anything. Finally Dandy Punk a live performance art artist uses silhouettes of himself and from projections that move to help with what he is doing. This is cool way of to do something since everything needs to be perfectly time so that the silhouettes matching up. Also some of this silhouettes are white.





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