Self Caricature

My caricature of myself mainly use emphasizing certain physical features that I have to show my personality and how I look most of the time. To start off with I increased the size of my forehead this was partially due to me having a big forehead, but also because I am one to overthink and analyze everything I get to find out what it truly means. Plus I have a great memory and I tend to think instead of talk. To help with the feeling of a large forehead I increased my widows peak that I have to even farther increase the size of it. The next most noticeable thing is how many bags I have under my eyes this was exaggerated to help convey the fact that I get no sleep often most of the time my own fault   because  I either am relaxing playing video games or over thinking a project I have to do for a class. I have an issue once I get started on a project I will not stop until it is done the way I want it to be, that inducing not getting sleep or food. This is also why my eyes are smaller and half closed to show that I can barely keep them open, also made my eye bloodshot because I am always on my computer or my Xbox One so I often get bloodshot eyes.  My shoulders are pushed to make it look like I do not have the energy  to keep them up, also to show that I do not care what other people think I about me. Finally my mouth is in a sad or serious pose because that is how I am most of the time, for I can not fool around knowing that if I mess up my full ride could just be pulled from under me. If I do not stay focus at all times and serious. Plus when I speak (which is not that often) I feel like my words carry weight with others, people will listen to what I have to say and often follow what I say for them to do. To that effect my  mouth was increased to show that it carry weights with other people.


This project was fun to do because I had to think about who I am and how I look to others, and take those things and make them obvious to everyone. Not lonely that I learn how to shade in photoshop to have it turn out good. My first attempt is not the most refine looking thing out there. It is harsh to look at the shadows and lights goes from in it to out of it instantly. there was no slow change from dark to light like how it would look. So I took my time and did some research into how to use photoshop to shade and color, which caused my second attempt to come out much nicer and refined. For there was more of a gradient with the shadow and with the light that help give more depth and push out certain areas more then others on my face. Also gave the face a more realistic look when coming to shading.




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