Illustrated Journal S2 Week 4

My hero is my dad(Michael)  for he taught me to be who I am. He went through a lot at a young age with his dad, who was abusive toward him. My dad would be chase around the yard with my different objects from chainsaws to farming tools, for no reason at all, while his mom sit there and watch it happen. He also would have to kill chicken by cutting there heads off and watch them run around the yard before they die. He talks very little about his childhood so this basically all I know about his youth, he wants to forgot that part of his life. The things he did tell us was his way of saying that we do not have it rough. My dad rise us without being abusive, he overcame his childhood and did not want us to live through what he did.

When I was growing up my dad always pushed us to be the best we can, never giving up on something, and focus on education so we can have better life then he did. He would/will do anything for us to insure that we reach our goal in life. If I asked him for help on a project he would drop everything he had going to help us out with during elementary and high school. My brothers and I came first before anything in his or my mom life. He taught me to have the drive that I have for learning and work ethic that I got to make sure I get what I want from here. I got that from how we would cut fire wood for a winter in like 2 days. The best is still one year on Easter day we cutting wood at 8 in the morning which was late start for us normally. The chainsaw was running, trees falling, sticks being haul to the pit(bonfire), logs hauling to the woodsplitter, and stacking the wood after being split all day with 10 minute breaks for lunch and dinner. This is were I get my work ethic and why I will work on something until I get it the way that I want it, forgetting about lunch or dinner. Also my dad taught me that giving up is not a option this was through many things, playing Age of Empires II with him, sports, or when I would get homework that I felt like I could not complete. He would be there to tell me to keep pushing through it or keep fighting until the end. My dad was hard on my grounding me for long periods of time if I did something wrong but he would not touch me for it. Yet when I was not ground help me with my gaming addiction by buying me games when I was young, listening to me talk about games for hours about how good/bad they were, and to help/doing research about video games so he could talk to me about them. He would not just listen and forgot about it he would listen to me and then late he would ask me more questions about the game. He is the reason I have this undying love for the Mass Effect series, without him I would not have found a series that I love so much. I wanted a RPG so he got me the one that I wanted, but then did some research on others out there and came across Mass Effect, figuring that I would like it brought and he was not wrong. He knew/knows what games would like to play for he listens to me ramble on about them. He knows my taste in games better then I do sometimes, for I get caught up in the hype of a game. He will sit there saying you will not like do not buy and 9/10 times he is right. He can be hard on me pushing me to be at my best, but is always there of I need something. Finally my dad would fight for me until he dies if I did nothing wrong and I am being accuse of something. He would go to my school and fight with the powers to be to make sure I would not get in trouble if I did not do it. He one time did research for hours about  Also my dad fought for me not to be put into to special class (sorry forgot the right term there was name for them) saying me son is to smart and will not miss out on things, knowing once I was put in there, I had no chance of coming out, also I would be treated differently and believe that I could make it without it. My dad is my hero for he made me who I am to this day I polite, motived, driven, and gamer willing to do what it takes to become what I want to be in life.


On a side note my mom was there every step of the way to0, she is also an amazing woman but she was the one working a job that did not allow her to be there for me all the time. My dad worked on Ebay, due a disease that caused him to to have back problems, a few years before I was born. So my mom was there to help me out still but I did have 24/7 access to her like my dad. Also I know this going to sound strange but my gaming addiction also made me who I am for without it I would not be here in this major, also it is why I am so competitive and serious all the time for that is what learn for playing games. I had the clan for Battlefield 3 that was milsim (military simulation) that I played for and, rose in the ranks to be third in command, I was the only person under the age 18 allowed in for they thought I was older then that. Most of them were ex military in someway, so I learn for them how to act for they were like a second family to me. They taught me to serious and joking around has it time and place. That is why I am quite sometimes they taught me not talk unless I have something important to say. Also that is why I try to take charge of certain things because I am use to it, the clan had at one point 200+ players in it and still most were ex military or still in it, and I had to lead them, boss them around, so I got use to it. I had much older people and people who serve and served in the military taking orders, listening to me, and following me most of the were glad to follow me. They said I was a great leader.







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