Origami Marionette

The sections that had limited structure were the areas that flowed the most, ie the legs. while the torso is the most structure  was also the most rigid. My marionette generates ideas of war, battle, lost, defeat, Japan, samurai, and warrior.  I used size to show where the torso was and the arms. I tried to use colors that resemble Japanese patterns and bright colors for that is what samurai often wore. My creative process is one that flows straight ahead I make an idea at the start everything that do after builds on that to slowly morph it into something I truly wanted at the start. Different shapes  help build this idea that his upper body is build stronger then his lower body.  Also the change in color the arm show that cloth is not covering his arm an more. While his main body is still covered in it due the darker colors and that fact the others sides of it is still cover in patterns.  The marionette is build from two main shapes cubes in and triangles separated into two sections upper and lower. the lower section is design to have more movement since it has more empty space. The colors are patterns to of flowers and other nature things to make it fell like cloth.  Two main patterns are use here triangles for the legs and squares(cubes) that connect through the use of triangles. Triangles are the strongest shape for support it is hard to break one so that is why I used them to help add more support in areas where they were going to move around.   Use of modular design help to show different areas off. also it help to clearly show what the area was meant to be through the repetition of the same thing. Through the use of balance, proportion and unity my piece was able to be design in the way that I wanted it to be.

img_7470 img_7471




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