In my character design I used a range of different values of yellow-orange hues to create the pants and shirt, which were meant to look like it had about stained by the desert. They were blended together to create a slow change and random pattern since a stain is not uniform. Also to go with this different line weights and shading with black were used around the legs and arm to help create a 3d feeling and to show the folds in the cloth. This is the only spot where the weight line is different because everywhere else he is meant to look uniform and royal, yet at the same time an unkempt warrior with all those folds and stains. Also I went with a low shading style on the face for I wanted it to have subtilty to it. Finally I used different line style for the facial expression to help capture the emotion that he was showing at the time without using shading.

     I finally feel comfortable on the a wacom tablet which increased my coloring speed and increase the final product look. Also I am finally understand the importance of sketching with gesture lines and lightly drawn ones for it easy to add clothing and top of it and eraser what is in the inside. Along the same line of sketches it’s fine if your character changes throughout the development of it. Often it will change somewhat to be more refine to what you want. Before I would stick to my first idea and not change from it, but this time I change from the idea I had at the start to something that I like more. Furthermore my drawing skills in general have increased greatly, for my character is more proportionally accurate than before.   

     This project is important to the major, for its key to keep whatever you making on mark so that throughout an animation or a art piece it is every clear what it is meant to be. Staying on mark is hard and will take time to do, but without it whatever you made will not be seen as the same object or person if it is different enough from the first image of it. Also it is important to understand that even in 2d drawing of something that is 3d what all sides of the object looks like for that will help you to stay on mark. Furthermore this can be taken into 3d modeling for once you have drawn something 2d and if you know what all sides would look, it would be easier to make a 3d model of it.

      On the Planet of Fargorr in the proud city of Honevras, for its old nickname the City of Crowns where the royal family of Crowburn rules it’s empire, an empire spans from the Dusk sea to its west, to the Gabizir Mountains to its east,  to its north the frigid  Bleak Expanse, and to the south the frozen Ghostly Plains. The Crowburn Dynasty has ruled on the continent of Jafath for nearly 300 years, during what has been dubbed The Era Of Nobility.

      The Crowburn’s are just, fair, honest, and are often called paragons of society. The Crowburn’s have been known throughout their rule to build massive structures to show off the wealth and power of the Honevras Empire to the foreign Kingdoms across the Dusk Sea and in the Gabizir Mountains.  These structures included great aqueducts, bridges, and tunnels through the mountains,  all of which helped the life of the common person. Also a Royal fleet was built to protect trade ships and to enforce Honevras laws.

      They also built a great hall in each city that was called The Everlasting Crowburn, the largest hall built at the Silver Gates leading into the city of Honevras. These halls contained massive statues of the Crowburn’s that reached heights of 50 to 100 feet. The largest one is at the Silver Gates which leads into the city of Honevras; its statutes are as tall as the Crow bridge that leads to the palace which is 300 feet long. At the base of each statue is the story of that specific Crowburn’s life. These statues were not limited to just the king’s or queen’s, but often the whole royal family would be included . These statutes would often define the artistic style for the period they were created in. For example the king’s and queen’s looking strong, life like, stiff, and generally emotionless, while the children and other royal members were allowed to look relaxed, joyful, and most important were allowed to have dynamic poses. This slowly changed as the years progressed, with the king’s and queen’s also being shown in dynamic poses. Overtime the statues became more lifelike which helped the common person relate more to the royals.  

      Many of these statues are made of a material known as white verdite which is white with hints of green throughout it. Because this stone is abundant around The Great City it was primarily used to build all the statues within its walls . White verdite is rare outside of Honevras and is a major export of the city. They also used it in construction with clay, brick, tropical, and temperate trees of the city.  The trees are abundant around the city since it is located near two main forests. Denian Vale is a tropical forest located to the south of the city, while the Darkwood forest is located to the north. The Denian Vale forest is named after the Deni people who still live there to this day free of the Crowburn rule. Denian people are one of the few people in the world still able to control magic, which is why they are feared by many to this day.

Most of their structures and cities are floating to aid them from being attacked. They are often called Denian Druids because most of their structures are built in and around nature. They are a naturalistic magic using culture that like to be isolated from the outside world for they alone have the job of guarding one of the few surviving wells of magic in Jafath. They have been guarding it since The Age Of Divination, where the gods came down and blessed all the people of the world. Since the Denian Vale is guarded only the rich and powerful used this wood to show off the fact they could afford it. The Darkwood Forest received its name because most of the wood that comes out of it is dark in hue and also because the trees are so thick it is very dark under the canopy. With this dark wood and the white verdite, Honevras looks like a fight between the light and the dark.

     The buildings of the city are a  mix of adobe style and traditional medieval style. Honevras sits on the south side of the Silver River surrounded by flatlands that lead toward the sea where the Crow bridge leads to the Royal Palace. Also where the harbors and ports are located that allow for trade with the rest of the world. The city has grown to the flatlands over the hills and to east following the river where the white verdite is found. The delta of the Silver River is the location where all farming happens since it is fertile and the weather is more temperate allowing for more things to grow. The Silver River leads to some of the biggest silver mines on the continent, so the river is said to bleed silver.  Many boats carry the metal down to the capital to be minted or to be exported around the world. The Capital Honevras has a population of half a million people. The city attracts immigrants from around the world due to its power, resources, key location and closeness to the Gabizir mountains where the Great Khenem Kingdom hides deep within the mountains.

      Rhothomir Crowburn, being of noble born, was destined to rule the Honevras Empire one day. He was taught the history of how his family rose to power and how to act like royalty. Thismeant he had to be strict, honest, fair, and most important, know how to fight if need be. He was forced to learn how to read and write, do math, fight, military strategy, diplomacy, and many other things that royalty should know. He was raised to expand the empire when he came into power. Since the Crownburn’s were getting ready for another expanison  they wanted a warrior king in power during war against the Great Khenem Kingdom. Rhothomir had to be trained and ready for it so he did not lose the war and disgrace the family name. He was going to be the very model of a perfect general and warrior for the troops and citizen to cheer and follow him into battle.  He was not allowed to enjoy the finer things that his twin sister Elasha was allowed to, since she was going to be co-ruler, while he fought the war. She had the job to keep everyone under control at home and abroad besides the Khenemians.

     Rhothomir was training night and day by the age of 13 to be a warrior and general. Because of his mission he was only able to see his parents once a week. If his mission  failed he would be disowned and would lose the birthright of having a statue of himself made, along with all records of him being erased from history. This is how the Crowburn’s  have kept their rule for so long as each person would train their whole life for one thing that would help the family stay in power. Since everyone was trained for one thing they did not fail often in their goal. By the age of twenty three, Rhothomir was ready for the war and so were the soldiers of the empire.

     Rhothomir is a  well built, strong willed, and fierce looking young man that had been training for years for war.  He has two different colors eyes, one green and one white, the color of Crowburn’s coat of arms and the white verdite stone. This is thought to be good luck by the people of  the Honevras Empire. He has a scar that runs across his left cheek from a great sword that hit him while in the grand arena in Honevras dedicated to Yara, the goddess of war, honor, and the military. Rhothomir has dedicated himself to the goddess Yara and was the reason why he was fighting in the grand arena to prove his worth to her. His chosen weapons are a great sword and a shield. He looks like a warrior yet he still has the noble look to him due to his shining armor and weaponry. He is a royal tool for a means to an end, which he does not understand, but his sister does and does not want to lose him. So she wants to find another means to gain territory for the Empire so that Rhothomir does not die from fighting the unbeatable  Great Khenem Kingdom.


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