Illustrated Journal S2 Week 5

Morgana Wallace creates some beautiful characters out of paper, they are elegant and fierce at the same time. Most if not all of them are based of mythical females or creatures. what is clear here is that she does not just use paper but she paints, cut, or color on the paper to help give life to them. There is a sense of depth and shadow caused by this, also the characters have more emotion and individualism from this. The hair and the flowing objects around causes it to look like there is wind and motion within each piece. The one that is called The Red King is my favorite for it does not have legs and how the woman stares into you like what have I done, and to help that how she is holding the sword like she about to drop it in fear of what she just did.



Comic:Mass Effect Redemption

The one I have is a collection of the 4 volume series of Mass Effect Redemption, which take place between Mass Effect 1 and 2 (video game). So it takes it art style and character design from there. It had some free range of simplify the style to fit within their goals. Liara T’Soni is the main character within the story, and we mainly see the story unfold from her point of view, with small breaks that jump to other big players within the story, aka Cerberus. Liara and few other people are well know characters to Mass Effect fans, due to the games, so this limits some of the freedom to the readers because we know how they sound in the games and how they acted in the games. So any thing that happen in the gutters with them most follow their predetermined style and character. So for example Liara is loyal and loves Shepard, person she is looking for, so she will do nothing anything to get him/her back. The comic does well I just using Shepard name since Shepard can be a he or she, due to the game allowing you to pick. This allows for freedom for the reader to decide is Shepard a male or female, also did Liara and Shepard have a romantic relationship in the first game. Other things in the comic are just glance upon for most readers will have played the first games so will get whats going on without needing it to be explained to them like the Elcor, who are a race of monotone talkers so they say their emotions. On the reality to meaning the drawings within the comic are closer to reality of the game which still leaning toward reality. The faces of the main and important characters within Mass Effect have more detail put in them to keep them on mark with the games, while characters that are new are extras are simpler and do not have a iconic face the Blues Suns mercs, the korgan is still a korgan but that is it. With style of frames used it mainly action-action and subject-subject, with moment-moment and scene-scene use sparingly. The gutter is used, but most of things are shown within the frames. The gutter is used more as a space where the reader gets to use its knowledge of Mass Effect universe to decide what happen. Also most of the fighting allows for the reader to use it mind to come up with what happen. There is little space between the frames. The comic mainly used the faces as a way of getting the point across for emotion and other things. The color within the comic is used to show where they are when on Omega in the Aferlife most of the color is a purple, while other areas are they use dark and sad colors to show poverty of Omega and to show who controls it the criminals.

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