Room 3d model

mood board

here is the checkpoint for the project everything had to be model.


Here is my room texture just got to mess around with the window to make it look like glass which should not take me long.

lighting checkpoint



Final Renders and self Critique


The idea I had was to make a room was one that was still rustic yet high end. I feel like that is very well done with the mini bar and the overall look. The modeling within the room is the best thing I did in the project. The couch and the window seat are the two things I am most proud of in the room they have the lived in look and yet still look fancy. Also the drapery was a thing I had to learn on myself by watching a video about how to use a tool call the lattice which is pretty nice tool for does mess up the original geometry of an object like normal moving of vertexes. The lighting did help show off the idea that is was a sunset which was the goal the reddish-orange color was the right choice to pick. The lights did give off some nice shadows around the room just feel like it could have been more.

What I fail to do is the texturing is not the best in some areas. The rug for is bad you can only look at it from one angle without realizing it is not a seamless texture and that is due to me modeling it to hide that fact. Also the bumps maps on the different types of walls needed to turned down even more then I did, for they still look like they have noise on them.  Also I need to learn more about glass so I can get glass to turn out the way I want it to more. The background image needs to be fix so it works with the idea I was going for, a mountain house over looking a valley during sunset. Main thing to fix is the texturing with seamless textures and then making sure UV them right. The lighting could had been slightly more dramatic to help show the sunset. The bar had some light high on the wall that should not have been there. Also the it could have been dimer to get more shadows.

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