Illustrated Journal S2 Week 7

WHY I am not an Artist?

My work is not at the level of which I feel like that would be considered an Artist. Also I do not work like an artist on my work. I only do class work and do not make my own art to go with it. I need to work more in maya and produce my own scenes and things that I can show off. I also need to practice more so that I can become a better artist. My art does not have a meaning or purpose to it. I have the drive to be artist just do have the skill. Artist are people who will just freely go paint or make something that  has purpose or another meaning to it. Also I just do work that is for class and I get it done I a level that is good but it is forced through due to me not wanting to fail and lose my scholarship or drop college. I need to get over that idea so I that I am enjoying what I am doing and not just making working for classes.  Which can be done with me using maya and making different objects or things in it.  I need to have the motivation and drive to make things. I need to learn more so that I am master in maya and decent in drawing 2D. Since I want to be a 3D modeling artist. I need to have abilities, the drive, ideas, creative, and being about create things that have a meaning to them.

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