Illustrated Journal S2 Week 8

Karla Ortiz work has this magical feeling to it for some reason. It might be because of the use of the birds to unify the piece together as they fly closely around the girl, or it could be the fact that I can not see her whole face which intrigues me to see more of it. Also you can see that the wind is blowing to.  The time-lapse video was nice to watch and provided insight into how she draws her figures. Also it give me idea for my self portrait. I could use owls to show the fact that I do not sleep in the night, or a elephant  that have good memory and do not sleep that much. Also I was thinking of using other symbols that related to myself like a controller or a headset but that might be to simple so got to think how to get those things in there.



Here are some citations for the comic. I am doing the Nordic creation myth. A cow was formed form ice, in which feeded Ymir and licked slat that made Buri, in which in turn made Bor. Who create the Gods of Odin and his two bothers. Where Odin and his two bothers kill the giant Ymir, and with his body created the earth. The moon and the sun where made by the gods when they became jealous of a father that called them Sol and Moon. That is the simple version. I am doing the section where the gods killed Ymir and made the earth. For they took his blood to form the water, his bones the rocks, his hair the trees, and his skull the sky.

Sent an email out to a guy that knows about norse art.  To get more about the art style since the norse were mainly a warring culture have to look their boats, weapons, jewelry, and simple sculpture.


artist to look up more about

Sigrid Hjertén, Nils Dardel, and Edvard Munch. Also look for artists that draw modern day and in the past to more.

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