The big thing here is I wanted to have the feeling of being stressed out easily seen.  That is why I am looking at things that relive my stress like video games and pole vault, while the stressors are behind me being ignore by me. Also I have me hand on a pencil drawing to show even if I am thinking about those things I can not do them for I got work to do. The door and the fire extinguisher are meant to be what was behind me reflected, but I moved them over. So to get the feeling of I can escape this by walking through the door and leaving or by staying and taking the fire extinguisher and putting the fire out. To show motion I had a person that dropped there food while drawing so I thought that would should the motion while and show how I feel as while sad and stress. The outside is meant to blend more into the background for that is how it looked when I drew it but I still want wanted the trees to pop out a little for the back so I add contrast to them. also uneven weight lines help spilt the areas and to show different objects.  It was to get use to drawing people that quickly but I feel like I got the hang of it by the end. Plus I feel like the the project is pretty well unify and put together. It helps with conveying a message while having a lot of things in the image at one time.

Reflection Student Critique

Austin things  people said about the project

Make thoughts of worries more obvious

Make girl look more like sequence (show the process more)

Add more of shading all over the piece

Make pen look more like its moving

Talk slower

I need to to show more copies of the pen or the girl to help convey motion. Also should have the girl on the ground trying to to pick it up with very sad face. Have things that worry me bigger to show that they bug me and and concern me.  Also I should have be actual shaded the thing so that it look like a final project and not a draft of what I want to do. When I talk in front of people I need to learn to calm down and talk slow and clearly about what I want so that it is easier to follow what I mean.

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