Illustrated Journal S2 Week 9



Nothing new Just that the art style is simple and abstract. Modern  art is colorful and simple.

Here are some citations for the comic. I am doing the Nordic creation myth. A cow was formed form ice, in which feeded Ymir and licked slat that made Buri, in which in turn made Bor. Who create the Gods of Odin and his two bothers. Where Odin and his two bothers kill the giant Ymir, and with his body created the earth. The moon and the sun where made by the gods when they became jealous of a father that called them Sol and Moon. That is the simple version. I am doing the section where the gods killed Ymir and made the earth. For they took his blood to form the water, his bones the rocks, his hair the trees, and his skull the sky.


Skelton project

Finished that shaded the thing the with charcoal took sometime to do it. I had to be careful with the ribs to get it to turn out like it was 3D. For I had to shaded it light to dark to get that feel. Image of it will be put here once I get a picture of it done. I enjoyed doing this project surprisingly. I messed up on the spine it needed to be bent more then it is in the picture.

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