I wanted to have the skeleton as the most important thing in the image, so I made that darker and which make it more clear then the skin of the person. With the ribs I had to go from light to dark so that you could see the back side of the ribs there while still being able to see the front ribs. This contrast is what allowed it to help and I feel like that is the best part in the piece due the amount different shades of gray. The spine on the person should have been bent more then it is, but I realize that after finishing the shading.

I realize that I am getting much better with using charcoal and enjoy using it now. This is a great improvement from the chair project which I hated the charcoal and did not want to use it again. Now I feel like I have the control of the medium to do the self-portrait well and achieved what I want from it. It relates to DMA because you got to know sub-structure of a person so when you animated it makes sense. because if you moves the body in a way the bones can not move then you did something wrong most likely. It allows you get better understanding.

Biers, William R. The Archaeology of Greece: An Introduction. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 1980. 2nd ed.

Kleiner, Fred S. and Mamiya, Chrisitin J. Gardener’s Art Through the Ages. 12th ed. Belmont, CA: Thomson Learning Inc., 2005.

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