Illustrated Journal S2 Week 11

Last weekend I did Game Jam so I forgot to post anything sorry about that.



The comic was fun to do, but those freaking Celtic knots are a pain to do. I do not know how the Norse people could make them look so good and complex yet have there people and other things look so bad. I even did pretty simple ones compare to the ones the Norse people did. The knots were on everything they did. even there symbols of there gods had it look at Odin I made his symbol in the tree. I am in awe of how well the Norse could make them. Now I want to buy some Norse objects with that stuff on it. I just got to ink and color the project now. There people look bad but that how they did them simple on odd looking.

Self Portrait

I have done some more laser cuts to find out which style I should do it in. I found out after like 2 hours fooling around in photoshop how to make a good sketch tool for it. Now I just got to play with color dodge, linear dodge and the other settings until I find the one that I like the most. Right now it has to be the one that is in fourth row, third one down from the top. The water color was to test to see what would happen to the lines I found out the lines had to be cut deep to be able to be seen still. Plus it adds a texture to the paper when running your hands over it. Also it helps with getting the right shading since the areas that are deeper are darker, needed more paint to fill them in causing them to have slightly darker color.  Even with painting over it the texture and the detail gain from the laser cutter is not lost as long as you do not use to much paint. I need to talk to you about the painting and if I should add more to the image in photoshop to get a better image. I feel like the image repent me well, but you did not agree with me. I would like to know why, for I am a gaming the headset Mtn. Dew, and hoodie shows that, then the hand on my hand the closed eyes show I get no sleep, and the hand on the mouse and me having my mac open shows that I am always busy doing stuff.  The whole pose give off this stress out look to it. That is how I view myself as a person. I do help people a lot but do not know how to add that in.

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