Wood/Clay Marionette

When starting this project off I want to create something that would bring in something that I love which is greek mythology, yet I still wanted to have some freedom with making the character. So I decided to make a male Medusa, who would have been battle harden, also instead of snakes he was going to have horns all over him but those got scraped sadly due time and me not being able to figure how they would work on the character with limiting movement. Also I am not help with how he moves full, I show have had two sticks one for the head and arms and one for the tail so I could independently move the tail without moving the arms. Yet overall I am happy with how the clay burn that happen but mistake added the battle worn feel to it and how the tail turned out it looks really nice with the tonally shading that give it that shinny snake look to it. The cuts on his upper body show have been deeper so it would have been easier to see them.


The goal was to make the upper body a totally different look then the bottom so painted it white to give it a lot of contrast so that it was clear that it was different from the bottom. Yet at the same time still wanting to connect the two areas together painted the eyes green to remind you it was a snake man. The black burn marks added contrast on his top of his body so that is was not one flat color. I went with a less round shape on the top half to show the difference in body type from the move rounder smoother looking snake tail. The hands where less humans hands and more of a monster claw to give it a primal look to it, to show that is was fighter.

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