Illustrated Journal S2 Week 13


Here is my self portrait mostly done I just need to do the background and maybe add some more outlines. That would be with blacks and whites to get the outlines. I enjoying watercolor now that I am doing it right. I watched some Youtube videos and read some articles about how to watercolor. I learned that you had to wet the paper first before the added the water color to it get a light color and to have spread better. Also use less paint and more water. I felt like I did pretty good job for my first time water coloring. I really enjoy doing this. Next year I will watercolor other things that I have laser cut if I have time. Thanks for giving me this idea Connie. The background is going to be inspired by Starry Night because it will give that spiral dream like state in the background. Which will help give off the idea of being tired and I am dreaming, for this what I think I look like when I am this tired.


Here is fixed version of the comic I lighten the background and the tree. Plus fixed some of the noise. Also add the text boxes that had Odin colors to help show who  that he won and is the one doing those actions. Also I found a Celtic font that works well with the rest of the comic.

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