Self Portrait

The idea for myself portrait was to create a decaying tired look to the piece, while showing how I feel when I am getting no sleep. To do that I used desaturated colors on myself, while the background was this bright vibrant color scheme that showed my emotion. Also I wanted to show that I am precise even while tired so that is why on top of the laser engraver, I made the watercolor pretty neat and precise. I feel like I achieved that pretty while for the background colors match the cycle of emotions that I feel when tired. Also I do fade into the background for I am not as bright as my emotion. The only thing I am not happy about is how the background bleeded into myself. I realize after doing the background what I should have done was flip the painting upside down so that the watercolor ran away from the portrait.


The background is what brings piece together and unifies it as a whole. For the bright colors with the vertical lines draws you into the fade portrait of myself. I wanted to have contrast of colors from the foreground and background so that is why I went with a high saturation difference. As  well with the color I mainly used green and blue in the portrait so that is why as you go from the outside in the blue and green get mixed more to create a blueish green gray color. The difference in texture and line weight is caused by the laser engraver cut it deep or just barely hitting it, causing it to darker lighter. This brightness and the space in between is what causes the different line weight. Also the laser creates an unique texture that is bumpy that allows from a more 3d or depth in the image.
I grew greatly as an artist throughout this project. First off I now have an even better understanding of the laser engraver. Also found out that I really enjoy watercolor a lot in combination with laser engraver. I have a better understanding of to mix watercolor and how to use watercolor. I feel like if I did over again I would make cleaner and a better blended color set. The color would have been better. Also I learned that I should have engraver it deeper to. This projects relates to the major for, if you are able to show how you feel as a person or what you thinking. Then you can create characters that people can can see emotion in them and now how the character feels even without dialogue or motion. Also this project you had to push the emotion that you wanted to captured so that is was clear to the view.

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