Illustrated Journal S2 Week 11

Last weekend I did Game Jam so I forgot to post anything sorry about that.



The comic was fun to do, but those freaking Celtic knots are a pain to do. I do not know how the Norse people could make them look so good and complex yet have there people and other things look so bad. I even did pretty simple ones compare to the ones the Norse people did. The knots were on everything they did. even there symbols of there gods had it look at Odin I made his symbol in the tree. I am in awe of how well the Norse could make them. Now I want to buy some Norse objects with that stuff on it. I just got to ink and color the project now. There people look bad but that how they did them simple on odd looking. Continue reading

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I wanted to have the skeleton as the most important thing in the image, so I made that darker and which make it more clear then the skin of the person. With the ribs I had to go from light to dark so that you could see the back side of the ribs there while still being able to see the front ribs. This contrast is what allowed it to help and I feel like that is the best part in the piece due the amount different shades of gray. The spine on the person should have been bent more then it is, but I realize that after finishing the shading. Continue reading

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Illustrated Journal S2 Week 9



Nothing new Just that the art style is simple and abstract. Modern  art is colorful and simple.

Here are some citations for the comic. I am doing the Nordic creation myth. A cow was formed form ice, in which feeded Ymir and licked slat that made Buri, in which in turn made Bor. Who create the Gods of Odin and his two bothers. Where Odin and his two bothers kill the giant Ymir, and with his body created the earth. The moon and the sun where made by the gods when they became jealous of a father that called them Sol and Moon. That is the simple version. I am doing the section where the gods killed Ymir and made the earth. For they took his blood to form the water, his bones the rocks, his hair the trees, and his skull the sky.


Skelton project

Finished that shaded the thing the with charcoal took sometime to do it. I had to be careful with the ribs to get it to turn out like it was 3D. For I had to shaded it light to dark to get that feel. Image of it will be put here once I get a picture of it done. I enjoyed doing this project surprisingly. I messed up on the spine it needed to be bent more then it is in the picture.

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The big thing here is I wanted to have the feeling of being stressed out easily seen.  That is why I am looking at things that relive my stress like video games and pole vault, while the stressors are behind me being ignore by me. Also I have me hand on a pencil drawing to show even if I am thinking about those things I can not do them for I got work to do. The door and the fire extinguisher are meant to be what was behind me reflected, but I moved them over. So to get the feeling of I can escape this by walking through the door and leaving or by staying and taking the fire extinguisher and putting the fire out. To show motion I had a person that dropped there food while drawing so I thought that would should the motion while and show how I feel as while sad and stress. The outside is meant to blend more into the background for that is how it looked when I drew it but I still want wanted the trees to pop out a little for the back so I add contrast to them. also uneven weight lines help spilt the areas and to show different objects.  It was to get use to drawing people that quickly but I feel like I got the hang of it by the end. Plus I feel like the the project is pretty well unify and put together. It helps with conveying a message while having a lot of things in the image at one time.

Reflection Student Critique

Austin things  people said about the project

Make thoughts of worries more obvious

Make girl look more like sequence (show the process more)

Add more of shading all over the piece

Make pen look more like its moving

Talk slower

I need to to show more copies of the pen or the girl to help convey motion. Also should have the girl on the ground trying to to pick it up with very sad face. Have things that worry me bigger to show that they bug me and and concern me.  Also I should have be actual shaded the thing so that it look like a final project and not a draft of what I want to do. When I talk in front of people I need to learn to calm down and talk slow and clearly about what I want so that it is easier to follow what I mean.

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Illustrated Journal S2 Week 8

Karla Ortiz work has this magical feeling to it for some reason. It might be because of the use of the birds to unify the piece together as they fly closely around the girl, or it could be the fact that I can not see her whole face which intrigues me to see more of it. Also you can see that the wind is blowing to.  The time-lapse video was nice to watch and provided insight into how she draws her figures. Also it give me idea for my self portrait. I could use owls to show the fact that I do not sleep in the night, or a elephant  that have good memory and do not sleep that much. Also I was thinking of using other symbols that related to myself like a controller or a headset but that might be to simple so got to think how to get those things in there.

Continue reading

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Illustrated Journal S2 Week 7

WHY I am not an Artist?

My work is not at the level of which I feel like that would be considered an Artist. Also I do not work like an artist on my work. I only do class work and do not make my own art to go with it. I need to work more in maya and produce my own scenes and things that I can show off. I also need to practice more so that I can become a better artist. My art does not have a meaning or purpose to it. I have the drive to be artist just do have the skill. Artist are people who will just freely go paint or make something that  has purpose or another meaning to it. Also I just do work that is for class and I get it done I a level that is good but it is forced through due to me not wanting to fail and lose my scholarship or drop college. I need to get over that idea so I that I am enjoying what I am doing and not just making working for classes.  Which can be done with me using maya and making different objects or things in it.  I need to have the motivation and drive to make things. I need to learn more so that I am master in maya and decent in drawing 2D. Since I want to be a 3D modeling artist. I need to have abilities, the drive, ideas, creative, and being about create things that have a meaning to them.

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Room 3d model

mood board

here is the checkpoint for the project everything had to be model.

Continue reading

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