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Here are three of my best character models that I have made. Only one has been texture. The insectiod one is just a head I was trying to see if I could make a stylized character. The steambot is steampunk inspired character. I like to watch and look at Danny Mac 3D artwork he does mainly stylized female characters in Zbrush. I am trying to understand how he makes these characters unique and different. Below are three images of his work from his ArtStation.

Final xd:

final web:




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Image Gallery Website

XD Daft:

XD Revision:

Final Website:



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Self Critique Animation

Throughout the semester I went from not knowing how to animate to being able to animate. I grow with understanding how to make things move in arcs and to have my objects ease in and ease out. I also grow with understanding how to use the graph editor to help out the animation.  I struggled with exaggeration I keep things to tight and to close to the reference footage that the animation does not look real. I feel like I need to get anticipation down better to give the animation more weight. I need to work on overlapping action and follow through more to create smoother looking animations. Also I need to work on the feet when walking so that they do not look like they are sliding around when the other foot is in the air moving. I am going to animate over the winter break to get down those principles down better and also watch tutorials about how to work on them as well. Also watch animation to see how the professionals do it so I can learn from them.

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D&D Documentary

The Idea is to do a documentary based on Dungeons and Dragons the RPG table top game. I want to explain what D&D is as a game and how it can bring people together.  I will do around a 2-3 min quick rundown of D&D, what being a player means, and what being a Dungeons Master means. Then I will be showing a how D&D brings people of different walks of life together to play game that make friends and a community. I am going to try to get people from all around the world to be in video to show how a one game can bring all of us together. Also talking about a show Critical Role which is Twitch stream D&D show that has a massive following around it.

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Video Artwork

       My idea is to show how our perception of an idea, thing, or the world in general is flawed. We see the best outcomes and want things to be easy for us. I want to take lines from The Hollow Men and show them in video format. For example, “Between the idea And the reality” This is the foundation for my artwork. I was thinking of doing it post apocalyptic style, gray scale or desaturation; where there is no one else in the shots. Also have me wear a hoodie with a bandana to help give off that aesthetic. One shot could be me walking through SET where there are a lot of people around and have them slowly fade out. By the end just have me standing there alone and sad, that everyone is gone. I got my inspiration from the poem The Hollow Men by T.S. Eliot, and as well as songs by Alan Walker mainly has music video Faded. I researched the different meanings behind both the poem and songs to see if they went along together.


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Video Montage

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peer critque

Rob’s follow through on the arms of Norman is lacking so the character feels more stiff and less loose than the reference. Still the arcing motion on the arms  don’t swing in straight line but curve like a pendulum. Something about the shoulders and the clavicle does not look right, due to it rotating  forward and back to much. The leaning of Norman could be pushed more to create a creepier look or a laid back look to it. The small amount of squash and stretch in the whole body helps show that he is leaning back causing him to bop up and down more. The hip rotation is great, but since there is no chest rotation to go with it, the hips look awkward or out of place. The legs and feet look great and I wouldn’t change anything with them. Overall the animation is great, just some small things could be tweaked to give it a smoother look.

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