Documentary Intro

I was thinking of doing a documentary on how wood molding is made. So how it goes from 16 ft long planks to a piece of molding, that is high quality. Everyone has molding in there house, but does anyone now how it is made.  Since my dad works at a molding workshop, I was going to video and ask him and his boss what is the process to create molding. I was going to video the machines running, talk about how they work and what they are doing to the wood. That will be the action them running the machines. Show all different types of wood molding that can be made. This job is a physical demanding job so I will try to show that as well.


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Repurpose Video Project



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Self Video


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Animated Balls

here is the animated balls project

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Zbrush work

Here is a video that Zbrush can make with taking you history and playing forward and by calculating a smooth path through it. Also it did the turntable, took the program like 5 mins total to both.


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Self Portrait

The idea for myself portrait was to create a decaying tired look to the piece, while showing how I feel when I am getting no sleep. To do that I used desaturated colors on myself, while the background was this bright vibrant color scheme that showed my emotion. Also I wanted to show that I am precise even while tired so that is why on top of the laser engraver, I made the watercolor pretty neat and precise. I feel like I achieved that pretty while for the background colors match the cycle of emotions that I feel when tired. Also I do fade into the background for I am not as bright as my emotion. The only thing I am not happy about is how the background bleeded into myself. I realize after doing the background what I should have done was flip the painting upside down so that the watercolor ran away from the portrait. Continue reading

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Illustrated Journal S2 Week 13


Here is my self portrait mostly done I just need to do the background and maybe add some more outlines. That would be with blacks and whites to get the outlines. I enjoying watercolor now that I am doing it right. I watched some Youtube videos and read some articles about how to watercolor. I learned that you had to wet the paper first before the added the water color to it get a light color and to have spread better. Also use less paint and more water. I felt like I did pretty good job for my first time water coloring. I really enjoy doing this. Next year I will watercolor other things that I have laser cut if I have time. Thanks for giving me this idea Connie. The background is going to be inspired by Starry Night because it will give that spiral dream like state in the background. Which will help give off the idea of being tired and I am dreaming, for this what I think I look like when I am this tired. Continue reading

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